Do you have a service-based online business, with a growing, engaged fan base, yet you can’t seem to generate enough income to leave your 9-to-5?

Do you receive inquiries and leads from potential clients regularly but find yourself attracting people who either can’t afford your services/offers, need to think about it, or delay signing up?

Is your online branding attractive and receives a lot of compliments and admirers but you aren’t turning those compliments into cash?

Have you invested in digital programs, courses, or products but hasn’t yet invested to work with a woman coach one on one?

If you answered yes, you are in the right place!

Attract Dream Clients VIP Intensive is an exclusive 8 week coaching program designed to help women entrepreneurs who are on the brink of massive success in their business discover and implement masterful marketing strategies and enrollment techniques to attract & sign dream clients.

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Program overview

Week 1

Develop Dream Client Profile

Week 2

Create Your Signature Package

Week 3

Craft Your Compelling Marketing Messages & Copy

Week 4

Optimize Your Online Presence for High Ticket Leads

Week 5

Social Media Lead Generation & Booking Discovery Sessions

Week 6

Master Discovery Calls & Premium Client Enrollment

Week 7

Facebook Advertising to Grow Audience, Email List & Direct Leads

Week 8

Advanced Client Attraction Techniques

This Program Is Perfect For Women Entrepreneurs Who Have

  • Preferably been in business for 1 year online (minimum 6 months)
  • A service, consulting, coaching or information based
  • Purchased online courses or digital products
  • Created digital online courses and products and more than likely has sold a few
  • Attracted fans on social media but doesn’t see the cash to match the compliments
  • An email list and emails it regularly
  • Never worked with a woman coach one on one in the past
  • Made some money online but not enough to replace your 9 to 5 income
  • Expertise but does not have a signature one on one offer or does but knows in her heart she is over delivering but can’t seem to attract women who will pay her worth
  • A client attractive visual brand
  • Basic internet business models and implementations knowledge
  • Previously invested in their business

This Program Is Not For Women Who

The program is not for women who are not 100% serious and committed to invest their finances, energy and time to their business growth at this time. This program is a by application only. Every individual that applies has to fit the profile of a woman who can start seeing $5K, $10K+ plus months in the next 90 days. I am very particular about who I will accept in this program as I want to be absolutely sure it is a good fit for both of us. If you have read over the details and know this is for you, I encourage to fill out the form below by clicking the apply now button. After I receive your application, I will schedule a 45 min Skype with you where we can see where you are now and where you desire to be in the next 60-90 days.

“Danielle is awesome not only because she’s a master at sales but she knows how to sell from a place of grace and ease. Before working with Danielle, I had done really well to grow my brand to tens of thousands of fans and generate 5-figure months BUT… I was doing so by “grinding it out.” I was taking on more clients than ever AND launching new products all the time, all because I felt like it was what I HAD to do just to hit my income goals. To make matters worse, my own clients were telling me my prices were too low! I knew I was over-delivering and giving a ton of value away but I still struggled with the idea that I was “allowed” to start charging my worth. Needless to say, I was burning myself out.

After connecting with Danielle online and becoming fast friends, I started sharing with her my frustrations because I knew deep down, there had to be a better way. So when Danielle offered to help me not only increase my income but do so in a way that required WAY less work than what I was doing before, I jumped at the chance. Within 2 weeks of working together, I was STUNNED at the results. Not only was I getting more discovery calls within HOURS (seriously!) of implementing Danielle’s strategies, I was getting paid more than double my previous rate.

As a coach myself, I’m very selective of who I coach with but Danielle is a MASTER at sales and truly knows her stuff. As someone who has learned what feels like every business building strategy under the sun, I feel like what I’ve learned from Danielle was honestly the missing piece for my business. If you’re looking to effortlessly attract high-quality clients who understand your value and *will pay you what your worth* Danielle is your girl. She is honest, sincere, and most importantly, she’s good at what she does. I couldn’t be happier to have worked with her.”

– Courtney Saunders

“If you want to make your entrepreneurial dream a reality. If you want to be a rich girl. If you’re tired of empty promises and hearing the same old tips and tricks repackaged – and you want to achieve REAL online success…

Then you need to invest in yourself and book coaching with Danielle Murrell.

Thanks to her expert guidance, advice and patience, I catapulted my knowledge of the online space from 0 to 100 in a matter of weeks, rapidly growing my business, boosting my brand and locking in clients before I even had a chance to
quit my 9 to 5.

Thanks to Danielle, my funnels are solid, my lead magnets are on point and my networks are growing by the day. I can’t stress this enough – if you’re serious about building a business that supports your lifestyle, then you need to work with Danielle.

This girl sets you up for success – and you better hold on, because it’s a wild ride.”

– Stephanie Hulett

“Danielle has single-handedly given me the tools to make 5 figures in a month (ok, 35 days – but who’s really counting when you’re crushing your goals set for yourself and business?), and the figures keep increasing.

After just 1 day with her (read it, O-N-E) I booked my first discovery session and in a few short weeks, I pulled in $8500 in 30 days. Crazy right?

Funny enough, I had CRAZY resistance before our Discovery Session. I did not want to do it. Although I had invested in high end programs before, I had never done 1-on-1 and quite frankly had no desire to begin. Within 20 minutes I knew I had to work with her, no matter the cost and I’m so happy that I made the leap. I made that money back in UNDER a month.

She isn’t expecting this post. It wasn’t solicited. I simply wanted to share my deep appreciation for all that she does.

You rock Danielle xo

If you’ve been wondering if she’s the “real deal” then you needn’t – She’s legit and I have the business accounts to prove it.”

-Gaynete Edwards


A Rich Girl Business Signature Program | Copyright 2017